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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Workforce Scheduling

Workforce Scheduling

Workforce scheduling can be an exhausting process, especially if you’re using out-dated technology. If you’re looking for a better way to create your employee schedules, take a look at Zuus Dynamic Scheduling. Zuus has the innovative features you’ve been looking for and can help grow your business in the right direction.

With Zuus, your customers come first. The Zuus platform was created with the recognition that your customers deserve the best service possible- and empowers you to create the perfect conditions to ensure that’s happening. It starts with Zuus’ AdaptX feature that works by looking at your previous sales and customer traffic to forecast a labor model to ensure you have the appropriate number of staff on hand during every 15 minute interval of your work day. AdaptX turns your schedule into a powerful tool that guarantees your customers have the best possible experience at your place of business.

Zuus doesn’t stop there- its creators understand how important your employees are to your business. For this reason, Zuus created Staff Xchange that gives your staff a voice in the workforce scheduling process. If turnover has been a problem in your business’ past, you’ll appreciate how Staff Change can keep morale among your employees at an all-time high, week after week. Staff Xchange allows your single or multiple location employees to trade shifts with each other, or fill in for coworkers to reduce call-offs and no-shows.

Zuus knows you’re spending too much of your time in front of the schedule. Staff Xchange is just one of the ways Zuus will empower you to create smarter, more dynamic employee schedules that keep your bottom line as a prime focus during the entire create and edit process. Metrix Pro will show you immediate labor metrics as you create and adjust your schedule during the week, with profitability and goals as the star of the show. Take your schedule on the go with you and make changes as they are required- then see these changes instantly reflected in your graphic metrics. You’ll love how MetriX Pro can put you in the driver’s seat with regard to improving your store’s performance.

If you’re looking to create the perfect staff to customer ratio, Labor Optix can shine a light on where you are over or under-staffing. The unique graphical display of customer demand versus labor is an eye-opening feature that will help you better understand the needs of your customers and empower your workforce scheduling week after week. Creating a schedule is about much more than just filling time slots to cover your shifts. Zuus transforms the entire process, with intelligent features that turn managers into CEOs.

You can find out more about Zuus by requesting a free demo of the workforce scheduling app to see exactly what it can do for your business. Empowered by Zuus, your business could save thousands of dollars a year by creating schedules that work hard for your bottom line. Spend more of your time doing what you love to do and less in front of the schedule- inquire today online.

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